nickcato (nickcato) wrote,

Posing the Dead

THE PEOPLE OF THE ISLAND by T.M. Wright (2010 Bandersnatch Books / 29 pp. / cb)

This first release from Bandersnatch Books may be a short chapbook, but the story itself creeped me out and that alone makes it worth the $10 cover price (although I do believe "glorified short stories" shouldn't cost more than 5 bucks).

The legendary T.M. Wright delivers a nifty story dealing with a couple living on an isolated island who, each day, find dead bodies positioned in natural poses (one woman is found on an exercise bike, a man staring out at the sea from a hilltop), and in Wright's classic style we're left to wonder if what's happening is real, imagined, or a combo of both.

Being a 26-page story, there's not much more to reveal without ruining it, but suffice it to say this one got under my skin. Wright's dead-on (full pun intended) atmosphere makes this a must for his fans as well as any horror fan who wants a quick chill.

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