February 7th, 2011

Strand Throws a Curveball . . .

FANGBOY by Jeff Strand (to be released April, 2010 by Delirium Books / 237 pp / limited edition hardcover)

Jeff Strand is an author responsible for some of the sickest (and funniest) moments in recent horror fiction. From bumbling chainsaw-wielding psychos to testicle-covered loverboys, from rampaging plus-sized insects to internal parasitic chaos, Strand's fans have come to expect a certain something from his Gleefully Macabre Tales.

So what does Jeff go and do? He decides to throw us a real curveball: his latest novel is a ( gasp! ) fairy tale! Yep, you heard that right. FANGBOY (while still undeniably a Jeff Strand novel) is a genuine fairy tale, albeit one I strongly doubt will be read in elementary schools anytime soon.

Nathan Pepper is born to two average parents. He's a normal-looking boy, until he opens his mouth to reveal over-sized, razor-sharp teeth. While his parents love him unconditionally, his grandparents (and nearly everyone else around him as he grows up) doesn't. Nathan is eventually forced to live on his own in the woods for a year, and before long we're off on an adventure that has all the elements of a classic fairy tale, only told from Strand's dark (and often demented) perspective.

With a few memorable antagonists, circus geeks, a super-charged horse, and plenty of surprises, FANGBOY isn't as extreme a story as Strand fans might expect, but it's as entertaining (and well written) as anything in his catalog.

This is limited to only 150 copies, so Strand-addicts and fairy-tale completists better act now...